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If You Want To Train Your Dog - Be Quiet About It


    1. The more you try to explain to your dog the more you confuse your dog.

    2. Demonstration over explanation. The less you say to your dog while showing what you want your dog to do, the more clearly you will communicate with your dog on action instead of misunderstood complex logic.

    3. In other words sometimes you really just need to stop chattering to your dog. Shut up and show your dog what to do! Be quiet and show your dog what to do. Patience in the showing over and over becomes knowledge for your dogl

    No, no, no isn't knowledge.

    4. The average dog owner is likely creating what we would consider ADHD like behavior if it were a human. Giving multiple "commands" without following through and then expecting clarity.

    5. Teach silently first.

    6. The opposite is what 99% of dog owners do…

    7. Sit, sit, sit, sit, Roxy SIT! Sit, stay, stay, staaaaaay. Oh what a good girl Roxy… here is a treat for being so smart, even on a half ass effort.

    Complete confusion for your dog. Take all the chatter out. Show your dog a sit. Then name it! Clarity. Demonstration over explanation.

    8. Stop talking so much and train without verbal and only add the verbal when your dog actually does the behavior you're asking for.

    9. Lastly… SLOW DOWN!

    10. Allow your dog to process and your dog to respond. We can build quicker responses later.

    What most do… say the command and if the response is not immediate repeat the command until the dog magically gained clarity through your incessant chattering as though they understand complex sentences and requests. Clarity comes from showing, not repeating requests without clarity on what to do.

    11. Don’t over talk and over correct. Your dog can’t learn a thing because you are an impossible teacher to understand because you think you can chatter your way to understanding. Show not tell. Demonstration over explanation.

    Want more training prompts? Join me at Calming the Chaos

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