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If you were going to start a small business today, what software tech stack would you use?

When you start a business there is a lot of software as service available for free. So I think starting with that makes a lot of sense. However a lot of industries include software that almost acts as a best in class way to operate so it makes sense to use that if you are in a very specific industry where specific problems have already been solved by software.

    1. Google Cloud Console

    $300 free credit to set up your server the way you want it and I found it much easier to use than AWS, just watch for how to use it. Create multiple servers add drives and keep what you want

    2. Google workspace

    This gives you a calendar , email, keep, slides, studio with your own domain or if there is just you it is all free with a gmail account. If it is a really small start up then lets you use your own domain and is still free for up to 5 users, unlike google workspace which started charging even the legacy users this year.

    3. Duo - 2 factor authentication

    Free for up to 10 users and essential if you are hosting your server in the cloud

    4. Acrobat reader DC

    Needed to read pdf files this is free and there are also some other pdf readers that let you make annotations for free too.

    5. Chrome browser

    Edge and Opera are both also great but I tend to use Chrome as the go to browser and add in extensions as needed.

    6. Office 365

    Its in the cloud I am more proficient with excel and word than with google docs and sheets and it is less than $100 per year for the whole family. You need to project how many widgets you are going to sell at what price on paper using excel before you even start your business. You will not get it right but just the act of monitoring and correcting will make you more successful. After you have been in business a while excel has an amazing prediction function that will plot your future based on past seasonal results and it works!

    7. Quick books online

    This software has transformed accounting by linking to your bank accounts and credit cards with online feeds and rules to help you record recurring transactions. Good accounting is essential for your business. If you are not an accountant ask one to help you set it up correctly from the beginning it will make a huge difference.

    8. CRM software

    You can get by with quickbooks online when you start but eventually you will want something more dedicated to interacting with your customers. If you are in the tax business I like but there are many others tailored to your specific business or even more general like, mailchimp etc.


    This software lets you create a marketing funnel for free with lots of sample templates etc.


    How about a completely free for one year phone system. The phone is the life blood of your new business this gives you a full PBS that in conjunction with and can get your new business up and running with a dedicated phone number $12 per year in less than an hour.


    If you are a non-profit organization then this is the go to place for free and discounted versions of all the major software you might need in your start up.
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