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I'm No-Body and I'm Every-Body

I stand tremendously alone.
I don't mind what happens.
I don't care if my ideas are read by one person or tens of thousands.
I don't care if I'm a complete failure or if I "succeed" beyond my wildest imagination.
I don't care if I'm rich or impoverished.
I don't care if I'm sitting alone in a room by myself or in a room full of the greatest minds the world has ever known.
I demand nothing from anyone, anything, or life itself.
I simply AM.

    1. I'm not here searching for people to convert.

    I'm simply here. 
    Life happens.
    Life unfolds.
    I'm not a part of any religion or cult.
    I'm simply a self who is learning the difference between what hurts and what doesn't.
    I trust that everyone already knows their way home.
    I don't even know if there's any space in you to hear a word that I utter.
    Have you ever imparted what you felt was great wisdom to a friend, only to realize that they didn't hear a word you said gaged by their response?
    What good does it do me or you to think that I have the answer to your most urgent problems only for you to put it on the bottom of your shoe and skip all the way home?
    If I have the world's finest crystal vase and I give it to you only to see you mishandle it. 
    Subsequently, you drop it and it falls to the floor and smashes into a million little pieces.

    I just keep speaking until the wrong time becomes the right time.
    What matters most is do I hear me? 
    Do I know the difference between what hurts and what feels good so that I can only choose what feels good?
    When one mind is raised, all minds benefit because there's only One Mind.

    2. Who Am I?

    I'm whoever you want me to be.
    I'm the butcher, the baker, the candlestick-maker.
    I'm the thief in the middle of the night.
    I'm the guy who's sitting on death row.
    I'm the rapist and the murderer.
    I'm the Nobel Peace Prize winner.
    I'm the guy you judge and also the guy you love to hate.
    I'm the homeless woman standing in the middle of Time Square with a handmade sign begging for money.
    I'm the unhappy rich guy who's sitting in his two-million-dollar high-rise trying to come up with reasons not to jump out the window.
    I'm the guy who stepped in front of a train after losing $100 million in the stock market.
    I'm the mother on welfare who doesn't know how she's going to feed her children.
    I'm the guy who constantly looks for what is wrong instead of what's right.
    I'm the guy who feels threatened by AI as if AI trumps God.
    I'm the POTUS you love and hate.
    I'm the guy who doesn't know what anything is for.
    I'm the guy who projects onto others what I feel is too painful to look at within myself.
    I'm the guy who doesn't give a rat's arse about becoming famous, popular, or successful.
    I'm the guy who is willing to talk about the white elephant in the room.
    But right now I'm the guy who's in your mind trying to get you to see if you don't have a shift in your perception you will never be happy.
    All idols will fall, eventually.
    Who I am is irrelevant. 
    The most important question of the day is Who Are You?

    3. God doesn’t care...

    If I have a Ph.D. which the world holds in such high regard.
    If I have a bunch of money in the bank.
    If I live in a fancy house in a gated community.
    If I've traveled the world abroad.
    If I'm black or I'm white.
    If I'm male, female, or lgbtqia2s+
    If I can read or can't read.
    If I'm rich or poor.
    God has One Law.

    To Love. To Give All to All

    4. I have nothing to sell.

    I have nothing to sell but the love of God.
    I want everyone to know how much they're already loved and cared for.
    I'm not here trying to convert anyone to anything.
    I'm not here asking you to join an organization.
    I'm not asking you to read the Bible, ACIM, the Quran, or any spiritual writing.
    I don't care if you prefer Mozart to Beethoven.
    I just want you to experience happiness in your life on a daily basis.
    The spirit of every idea I write is simply for you to enjoy a point of view I happen to enjoy.
    I'm only here to be truly helpful.
    I don't have to worry about what to say or what to do because he who sent me will direct me.
    I am content to be wherever he wishes, knowing he goes there with me.
    I will be healed, as I let him teach me how to heal.

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