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immersive persons

the world is a stage. this is now even more true with the distinguishment of entertainment as immersive. rather now the world thought of as a globe extends to the intimate medium of your senses; you create your world, or discover it, via your senses and perceptions. utilizing these perceptions and senses to create a new reality for you to inhabit as a form of entertainment opens up a can of wriggly thoughts:

    1. are we all actors then?

    why not? some actors are off-book, so have no lines and choose to ad lib, yet if all are on stage then all are in the cast no? by being in the play you are a character whether you acknowledge it or not

    2. that's so meta

    yes. we need more words to describe this understanding that we are all role-playing circumstances in various situations, if we so choose to break the loops and acknowledge it. for now we have agreed that word/term is "meta". and yet this word seems destined to become a branded identity. since branding stings and identity is the foe to the omnipresent witness watching the show, where do we go? i digress

    3. then we're all in this together, we are all immersive persons

    sure thing. acting for each other with no witness audience or director, we're all actors rehearsing for each other. this can snowball down mt existential, so we better install guardrails:

    4. the guardrails

    art exists within a frame, whether made of wood or time or the constraints of our imagination, the living operates with the understanding that there must be a beginning and an end. the middle is agreed to be the best and longest part. thus all immersive persons must have a clear beginning and end as to when one will play performer and audience together. this happens in every artform, and is especially necessary when dealing with the intimacy of your 5 (6+?) senses of reality, as they dance the same fine line

    5. this space between us is all we have left as humans

    dark? uplifting? you tell me. find a flower in concrete, the glass will fill or empty itself as your barometer for hope.

    but yes; the connection we make when we connect with our senses and perception in a reality (real or imaginary) is truly one of the last secret spaces where we can truly be with each other. this is the undercurrent force leading my work in this field as it draws me closer to the ocean of us.

    6. welcome to the AIs

    This space is reserved for the inevitable party crashers making the world a more metronome place. like 808s in the 80s, look forward to sterile prose from the 1s and 0s.... also to serve as a solid contrast to prove everything above must have been written by a human. keywords: immersive person french born autodidact poetry lover of meta art

    7. here is the AI text

    items 8-11. notice they are all about immersive technology...I will say no more

    8. Augmented Immersion

    This idea involves using augmented reality technology to create an immersive environment in which the user is able to interact with a virtual world. By using augmented reality, the user is able to interact with virtual objects and characters as if they were real, and the environment can be customized to fit the user's needs. Augmented reality can also be used to create virtual environments that are more realistic than traditional video games, allowing for an even more immersive experience.

    9. Mind Mapping

    This idea proposes using mind mapping technology to create an immersive environment where the user can explore their own thoughts and ideas. By mapping out the user's mind, they can gain insight into their own thinking process and explore their creativity in a safe, virtual environment. This technology can also be used to help the user gain a better understanding of their own emotions and motivations, allowing them to make better decisions in their daily lives.

    10. Holographic Interaction

    This idea involves using holographic technology to create an immersive environment in which the user can interact with virtual objects and characters as if they were real. By using holographic technology, users can explore a virtual world and interact with it in a more realistic way than traditional video games. Holographic technology can also be used to create more immersive and realistic virtual experiences for gaming, entertainment, and education.

    11. Spatial Perception

    This idea involves using spatial perception technology to create an immersive environment in which the user is able to explore and interact with a virtual world from any angle. By using spatial perception technology, the user is able to explore a virtual world in a much more realistic way, allowing them to gain a better understanding of the environment. This technology

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