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Impossible things I have done

Technically not impossible, (I've done them) but things noone thought possible.

    1. Solved grandads cypher

    My grandad wrote a book on his life before he died. It was incomplete. He wrote a special message just for family, but hid it behind a cypher. For over twenty years family members have worked on it. I used an app to help speed up the process and managed to crack the code.

    Should I feel pride for using an app? I still think I should. I worked it out, just by a different means.

    Sometimes there's easy ways to do things, always take a step back and ask 'could this be easier?'

    2. Fit free without tablets

    I have epilepsy. My first fit was when I was 19, I took tablets to help deal with it up until I was 25. Then I moved to China. I was under the impression I could get tablets there, but it was so much hassle (traveling to different cities, having diffrent Dr's examine me, having to bring a translator ect.) that I weaned myself off my last batch and have been off them now for over 6 years. Since then I've took one fit and learned to prevent them without the need for medication (plenty sleep, cut down alcahol intake, limit stress (dealing with situations better /avoiding ones that will stress me out)

    * Not recommending others do this. I'm not a Dr.

    3. Taught English

    I've always had poor English skills. I went to speach therapy when younger, struggle with spelling and grammar (not sure if dyslexia or just had trouble understanding the logic behind the English language). Anyway after uni I couldn't find any work, got depressed and took a tefl course. Flew to China and over the next few years became one of the best teachers in China (won a sina award).

    4. Lived in China

    I was living with my parents up until 25. I never expected my first house to be in China. Learning to live without the help of friends and family forced me to grow up fast. There's still growing too do, but I feel I am much farther ahead than I would have been hadn't I moved out of Scotland.

    5. Published a book

    During the lockdowns I worked away on a lot of project. Making a book is by far the one I'm most proud of. Despite teaching people still see me as someone with poor English skills,i managed to write and publish a book. I'm now at the stage that I could make at least 4 more (working on that soon).

    6. Saw my favourite bands, outside the uk

    I managed to see the Descendents on their first Chinese tour (I managed to stage dive and talk to band members as well). And I saw Bandits on the acoustic revolution in LA, both in the same year. The amount of money spent that year was insane, but it was honestly worth every penny. Loved it.

    7. Read one book a month

    Before my 28th birthday the only books I read where school books. In November 2017 I decided to read a book (12 Rules for life) after that I challenged myself to one book a month. I ended up over 12 books. From 0 to 12 is a feet in really proud of. I've dropped from one a month but I still read as much as I can. (1 every 2 months)

    8. Graduated university

    I was never the best at school. Even the head teacher doubted I could get in to uni, but I succeed in getting in. I had a fit during my final year, but despite the I managed to graduate (only found out I could have asked for an extension afterwards).

    9. Made my own game

    I managed to make my own game after uni. Unfortunately it was in flash, which was already going out of fashion. It's a shame I was proud of what I managed, maybe I should learn a new language and make a new game.

    10. * had an elephant for a pet

    This isn't true, but I and all my friends believed it up until high-school. My dad's African. He had a photo of an elephant and said that it's mine and my family out there took care of it for me. I think I did a show and tell with the photo and that's how everyone else found out. It made me really popular, and since I thought it was true as well felt no guilt when bragging about it.

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