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Improve travel

Sitting relaxing at the airport before my next flight. Thought I'd be productive and write out another list.

    1. Listen to podcasts

    You're going to be sitting about doing nothing anyway. Why not listen to a podcast and learn something in the process?

    Currently listening to James latest podcast.


    2. Read

    How often do you get the peace and quiet needed to read? Travelling provides the perfect opportunity to get the most out of your books.

    3. Write a list

    If you don't have WiFi write it the old fashion way, on paper or on a notes app on your phone. You can easily upload here once you get WiFi.

    4. Nap

    It can be difficult, but a nap is the quickest way to pass the hours.

    5. Write

    If you're working on a book, stick on headphones and start writing. No distractions should lead to a lot more getting done.

    6. Watch a film

    Download them onto your phone or laptop then sit back and relax as you travel.

    7. Be grateful

    Travelling at these speeds is recent in human history. Appreciate that. Appreciate that you have a phone/laptop too keep you entertained whilst travelling. Appreciate that you can get a nice meal as you travel or as you wait. Appreciate where you're going and all the fun things you'll do once there.

    8. Communicate without words

    If flying you'll meet people that don't speak the same language as you. Being able to bring a smile to them, without words always feels like a worthy achievement. And usally all it takes is a smile.

    9. Take photos

    Photos allow us to share intresting things. It also serves as a keepsake for the future.


    10. Meditate

    Train your focus and calm your mind. You have no distractions and you're sitting anyway. Close your eyes and focus on your breath.

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