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Improving closing after demo videcall

    1. Make it easier to pay.

    The current process is long and complicated.
    A) Have the payment come from a pre-existing crypto account, or
    B) have an option to pay with Visa / Mastercard (even if there's a fee for that), or
    C) have some sort of recurring payments so you can just put in your credit card once and then it will automatically charge every month.

    2. Show the price history of the property when you are making an offer.

    For instance, if I am making an offer on a house that sold for $500,000 two years ago but is now listed at $450,000, maybe I should make my offer higher than the asking price since it's likely to sell higher than the asking price.

    3. The "Make Offer" button should be more prominent on the page after you watch a demo videcall.

    It's not obvious at all right now.

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