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In 2023 there was/is a writers strike in Hollywood USA. One of the sticking points is whether the studios can use AI generated content. What are 10 thoughts that you have about this?


    1. Pixar-like movies already made great acting

    This was computer generated, right?

    2. What good writing have we seen lately?

    Maybe it is not their fault, but Hollywood has been stale for years. The best movie lately has been Top Gun Maverick, another remake. At least it was done right and no one was wearing capes.

    3. Great art will always be rewarded

    AI art is cool, but it's not as cool as human made art.

    4. A framework is fine

    Aren't all stories similar? A hero, a roadblock to overcome, a victory at the end? Throw in a love interest. It seems doubtful that Hollywood will not have editors or people to clean things up.

    5. $ Talks

    If AI really can write great content that people like and want, then it will happen. I remain skeptical that it will replace the truly great writers, artist, actors, etc. No one watches Computers play each other in chess. We want to watch real humans do great things. Great stories will emerge. People like Taylor Sheridan will emerge. No AI will create something like that. His story, background, experience are what make his writing so great.

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