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Incremental Habits

Humans are lazy. We don't like change, our brains are constantly trying to keep us "safe" and anytime you try to apply something new or create a different habit, it is often difficult to start and even more difficult to sustain it. Sometimes just doing small, micro habits are easier and more effective than a drastic overhaul. Small steps to reach a lofty goal perhaps.

    1. Exercise for 10 minutes

    If your ultimate goal is to get fit and an underlying goal is to exercise for an hour each day, maybe start by doing 10 minutes six times a day, or six times each day you want to workout. You can do that for a month then next month do 15 minutes four times a day. Then the third month you can do a 30 minute workout twice a day for month until you are at an hour straight by the fourth month.

    2. Read for 15 minutes a day

    This is a problem for me, I have tried this and it seems to help with my ADD OCD I fight daily. But your brain sometimes plays tricks on you and when I set to read, I get distracted easily. So dedicate only 15 minutes a day to read. Eventually, you will find yourself lost in the book or mentally engaged to the point where 15 minutes turns into 30 minutes or more. If you are trying to structure 15 minutes and stick to it, start a timer each time.

    3. Side Hustle

    If you have a side hustle but it's tough to dedicate the time to it, set aside 20,30 or 45 minutes once or twice per day at times that work best for you. Could be a combination of morning, lunch, after hours.

    4. Observe

    Sounds counterproductive, but take time to Actively Observe yourself and your habits. Sit down for at least 5 uninterrupted minutes and only think about what you did the previous day, or at the end of the day to reflect on where can you improve or add a habit you are trying to create or one you are trying to curb?

    5. Do something you always do a different way

    This sets your brain up for success in creating habits. It could be something so mundane like brushing your teeth using your opposite hand, or putting your pants on differently like instead of putting your left leg in first like always, purposely switch it to your right. Same with your shirts. Maybe you do the same workout the same way all the time. Find a new way to get the same result but a different technique that your are not used to. Eat with your non-dominant hand for a day. Thinks like that.

    6. Drive a different way to places you frequent

    7. Take different paths when you go for a walk or bike ride

    8. Write something you are grateful for on a post it note everyday

    9. Make it a small habit to compliment someone everyday

    10. Flaming out on the last one and have to go!! Add one!

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