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Initial Thoughts on Dr.Who

I've been waiting a long time for a return to great who.  Did this hold up?  Kind of.

    1. Main Characters

    It was great seeing the old characters again.  Loved the Dr/Donna/her family, up until the end (more on that later).

    2. Side Characters


    The head of unit, a government agency that deals with aliens is in a wheelchair.  This seems more to point out that even people in wheelchairs can be the head of aliens agencies, which could easily work, but why send her to a location she'd find impossible to move about in?  Then again this is a show about aliens and time travel, I guess we should just accept that crazy thing's can happen.  She also had rockets attached to the wheelchair, that was weird, but strangely far more believable.

    The bad aliens.  It was kinda obvious that they where always the good guys.  Boring, not intimidating.  

    3. The Meep

    Apart from the propaganda (more about that later)it was an alright monster.

    Nice design.  Interacted well with other characters.  It was fun I enjoyed most of the scenes it was in.The end was nonsense.  Didn't seem threating even though 9million people's lives where on the line.  

    4. The story

    Started off great.  The initial meeting, rocket crash, main character hiding alien all felt like the Dr.Who I loved. It wasn't untill (spoiler) The Meep captured the main characters and took them to it's spaceship that things turned weird.

    They get saved by wheelchair woman blasting rocket's from her wheelchair.  I assume she was left there as the rubble blocked her escape, but who knows.

    The Dr sacrafices himself to deal with the problem, but Donna also joins him.  Just as the Dr make's progress a screen drops down deciding the room in half.  But luckily there happens to be one person either side so no worries.  The Dr return's Donna's memory (which would result in her death) and Donna says a lot of scientific word's, flick's switches and saves the day, but sacrafices her life in the process.

    But she doesn't die, this is due to Donna passing on her timelord abilities to her daughter, meaning she can still live.

    Donna and Rose then slag men, because we're too stupid or something.  Then they release all their powers and everyone's happy. 

    After that it returns to a nice ending.

    5. Propaganda

    Aagghh... I'm sick of it.  Non-binary/Trans is what saves the day.  The Meep isn't a Man or a woman and nether is Donna's Daughter.  There's a nonsense story about non-binary being the reason the day was saved, my mind checked out not sure exactly how it went. 

    Really not a fan of propaganda, especially when it's so obvious.  There's a lot of it, too much.  Makes an enjoyable episode into something I'd probably never rewatch.  Nonsense.

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