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Instacart is going public today at a projected valuation of $9.8 Billion. For Grocery delivery. 10 thoughts!

    1. How Smart money get richer by selling to dumb money

    I remember @JamesAltucher talking about Uber going public and saying something like - this is an example of how smart money makes more money by selling to dumb money - essentially, smart investors know these companies wont make a profit, but they're flashy and cool, they'll make their money by making the company go public and taking the every day investors money when it does.

    2. Instacart is actually profitable and made $428M profit in 2022

    Wonder what they're doing differently from DoorDash who lost $500M last year and Uber who lost $498M - How are these companies doing this?

    3. I've never used Instacart

    I dont want someone else picking my produce.

    4. That's a pretty high valuation

    People aren't gonna make money on that investment

    5. Pay is low

    I know back during the pandemic shoppers were paid $7 per delivery + tips. Wonder if that has changed to attract more drivers

    6. They could easily add a courier service

    I think Uber has done this. Why not, it would be easy money.

    7. When all these companies cannibalize each other, Instacart might be the winner, since they're the only ones actually making a profit

    I know DoorDash started grocery delivery too, I heard Uber Eats was doing Walmart deliveries.

    8. Is the IPO boom over?

    Maybe I don't pay attention anymore, but for a while it seemed there was a tech IPO every week. This is the first I've heard of in a while.

    9. Relay service

    Maybe this is a bad idea. But what if Instacart asked each customer that ordered a delivery if they had something they needed delivered (mail to post office, needed something dropped off to local school etc) then let the driver pick that and deliver for an extra $10. Could boost revenue. But I bet drivers would hate it.

    10. Blue Apron + Instacart

    I'd consider using instacart if a grocery store would package meal deliver kits like Blue Apron or HelloFresh in a box and the driver would just deliver the box to me without picking out my groceries.

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