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Instagram's that are helping me get through this weekend

I finally understand why teachers are done with teaching. I have had the soft, cushy, lovey, dovey and happy teacher life up to this point. I am really sad and worried for this year. I signed myself up for this challenge and I am doing it but I am not sure how I am going to get through it. I know what 4 year olds are capable of and I am not going to get these 4 year olds to that level and I feel inadequate. If I had 10-12 kids in my class I could do it. These kids are at least a year behind and I will have 19. I have to lower my expectations or I will go crazy.

I only left the house yesterday to work out. Working out helps. I am going to have to quit my 2nd job.

I have been mindlessly scrolling through Instagram the last two days.

    1. the_rainboww_house

    I just found this one. It is amazing! A teacher who had gone through a divorce and has a young daughter bought a home and made it her own. It is what I want in a house. I want color and brightness and magical feelings. Every picture I see on this site brings me joy!

    2. thewanderingmoonco

    I want to buy every deck she makes. I love her artistry. I love her ideas on what each card represents. I want to buy her new book. I don't get paid for another week and a half. I will be buying things then.

    3. strictlyrita

    I just found this today. It's a a lady that makes really unique wax seals. It's fun to watch.

    4. designlovefest

    Her and her husband just moved from California to somewhere on the east coast. They are turning a mid century modern home into another magical home. She posts a lot about the unique designs of the home and how she is updating it. It's got a 70s vibe and while 70s isn't my favorite decade in design I love it.

    5. weird_history

    I love weird things and I love history. I added it because they are doing polls on which hogwart's house each historical figure belongs in.

    6. takesunset

    Midcentury modern homes. They are so unique and I love them. It's just lots of pictures of them.

    7. cocktailcritters

    I came across this ad. I don't really want to drink anymore but I could put them in my mocktails. They look marvelous.

    8. spookycozyhomes

    In the back of my mind I always pictured myself moving into a modern Victorian home with weird secret passage ways and odd shaped rooms. It's fun to follow them.

    9. leilainsipre

    It's fun to watch her create. She paints and creates in a small notebook.

    10. gabbybernstein

    I have been following her on and off for years. Sometimes coming across something she says just hits home.

    11. historycolored

    Someone is colorizing old black and white photos and I dig it.

    12. melrobbins

    I just starting following her sometime this year. I know she has a show on tv. I glanced it at the gym once. I just like how she is vulnerable sometimes on her gram. Sometimes it comes across as contrived. I always thought she was Tony Robbins wife. nope. totally different person.

    13. littlestitchybee

    If I lived in the country and was a stay at home lady.. I think I would really get into stitching. I like to watch this.

    14. ad_magazine

    In the early 2000s I collected only magazines in which I liked the ads. They had to be creative and non generic. This has nothing to do with advertising really. It's just really cool pictures.

    15. robertgreeneofficial

    There is something very calming to me about Robert Greene. I have no idea what it is. He seems to make sense of the world.

    16. There's more but I tried to find them and couldn't.

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