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Interviewee questions

What questions should you ask?

    1. How long do staff usally stay?

    And how long has the longest staff member been there?

    If people are staying it's probably a really good place to work. If people are leaving after a year it's probably worth continuing your search.

    2. I I had too, what should I prioritise?

    Knowing what's most important means you can put your focus where it matters. This also gets them thinking past the sale, a persuasion technique.

    3. What would I have to do to get your job /promoted?

    If there's no chance of growing it's not worth wasting your time. If you can grow asking this question gives you a road map to success. Do these things and you're garenteed a promotion /extra cash or you know their liers and its time to move on.

    4. What's the companies five year plan?

    Knowing where things are heading allows you to make preparations /find something else.

    5. Can we negotiate?

    If you don't ask you don't get. State what you'll bring to the company and why it's worth more than the initial offer.

    6. What perks does the company offer to staff?

    Many places offer perks to staff. Ask and you may be surprised with what you could get.

    7. How would you describe the people who work here?

    If buzzwords are said I'd dismiss their answer, but if they answer with passion and start showing how their all friends /a family you should listen and consider accepting their offer.

    8. What team building exercises do you do?

    If none you can offer to take over team building, for a negotiated pay. If they do great. Stronger team will make work more enjoyable.

    9. What's the local area like for food?

    Lunch is a lot more enjoyable when you have a place for good, cheep food. A nice dinner can help you destress after a tough day.

    10. What training do you offer?

    Focus on training that will help you in other fields of life/different workplaces.

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