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Collin Harness


Invest If You Dare

China is reopening and things are happening.

Maybe you could make a lot of money investing into the Chinese economy as it comes back to life.

But the Chinese government has no problem stepping in and forcing its will upon the different industries.

    1. China airlines

    They have a lot of people that need to move around the world.

    2. China technology

    They still have massive tech companies.

    3. China autos

    China has its own electric vehicle manufacturers.

    4. China real estate

    It is still a massive part of the economy.

    5. China education

    The Chinese highly value knowledge and their children.

    6. China telecom

    Important infrastructure.

    7. China oil

    China needs oil like the rest of the world.

    8. China insurance

    They have lots of customers.

    9. China hotels

    Chinese people have a lot of discretionary income to spend on travel.

    10. China finance

    Hong Kong. Shanghai. Lots of Chinese financial businesses.

    11. China bonds

    China Treasury bonds

    12. China healthcare

    The chinese people still need hospitals and healthcare workers.

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