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- Is it not about stealing cars and kicking people on the street only?

- my wife puts down another beanbag chair near mine and sits next to the TV set with me, - wow, it does really have a plot. Nice. I can watch you play then.

That was her reaction to GTA V some time ago.

So this list is about great games I can recommend to anyone. You will find yourself not just playing the video game but watching the movie as well as taking part in it at the same time.

    1. Witcher 3

    2. Days gone

    3. Last of us 1 & 2

    4. Bioshock Trilogy

    5. Mafia: The city of the Lost Heaven

    But the original one, back from 2001. The characters in the remake are too cheesy

    6. Vampyr

    Slightly bad gameplay but really cool story.

    7. GTA V

    8. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Oh, I really don't understand how it was possible to create such a complicated world, where almost everything has its impact, where each detail counts.

    9. Nier Automata

    10. It takes two

    11. Far Cry 5

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