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Is it possible to make it as a solo artist today?... Yes

My thoughts to help a pal out.

    1. Etsy

    Etsy is the biggest collection of solo artist to ever exist all of which are making money off their own art.

    Etsy sells physical works - clothing, pins, sticker's, Framed art ect.

    The downside is your incharge of stock and distribution, but this also means more profit for you 

    2. Printing

    There's tons of site's that do printing and distribution for you.

    All you need to do is upload your design and marketing.

    Not used.  First result on Google -

    3. Comiccon

    Set up a booth and sell your art here.

    Add a geeky touch and you'll have tons of sale's 

    4. AI

    AI isn't a robot hell bent on destroying humanity (at least not yet) it's a tool.

    Knowing how to use the tool is how you stay ahead of everyone else.

    Simple phrases, describe everything you want to see, knowing the name of your preferred art styles, and most importantly being able to see the art in your head/know good art when you see it.

    Amateurs can produce amazing peices, but if they don't know what makes great art it will always be left in the uncanny valley,or crap.

    So how do you become great? Practice.  Start mucking about now and before long you'll be better than 90% of people.


    5. Books

    Even if you can't write.  Make a picture book.  A colour in book.  A book of amazing AI artwork.  A child's book.

    Then stick it on Amazon.  Sell as a kindle book or a physical book.  Easy.

    6. Freelancer

    Upload your art. share your skillset and prices and wait for the work to roll in.

    Tons of workers are here programmers, graphic designers, animatiors ect. 

    7. Anything else?

    If you know of any other ways please share below.


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