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Is it time to find a new job?

I'm currently working in a supermarket. Is it time for me to move on?

This is a more personal list, but who knows maybe you'll learn something from this.

    1. Free time

    I've been overwhelmed with work since December. The moneys been great, but I want more time to work on my own projects. I'm currently writing lists on my break, that I can also use on my projects
    How much free time do I want? Maybe 3 days. Two days for my own projects, 1 day for rest.

    2. Money

    I have a degree, managed and taught teachers and have a lot of 'self help' /coaching knowledge. Surely I could be making more money in another field.

    3. Brain /brawn

    Currently I'm as useful as my physical health. As good as it is I'm much more proud of my mind. I'd love to be able to use that more in a job.

    4. Location

    I could live anywhere, if I went back to teaching. Would I be happier somewhere new?

    5. Freedom

    I probably would be happier to work if I knew I could say no to extra shifts, without the added guilt.

    6. Stand up

    I really want to perform stand up. I don't want to book holidays just so I can perform. Would I make the same amount of cash /hour if I perform?

    7. Why am I here?

    Covid. It was the only type of job going. It's easy. Very close to home. Money off. Good team of coworkers. I'm well liked.

    8. Tired

    I push myself to my limits each day. As good as testing my limits is, it's exhausting.

    9. Growth

    Even if I wanted to, I couldn't grow within the company. They already have too many managers. I don't want to stay here for life anyway. And if I don't want to for life, why another year /few months/weeks/day ?

    10. What else would I want to do?

    Chances are I won't get a great job, using my knowledge, in a great location, with fun coworkers who all love me and still have the time to work on my own projects. Do I need to use my holidays to work on my own projects? Can I hire others to do parts of my projects?

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