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Is it "trigger data" or is it you? (1 min 42 sec)

Is it "trigger data" or is it you? (1 min 42 sec)

    1. Trigger data, — "abuse," "betrayal," "failure," "rejection," "loss," or "fear."

    Do you see yourself standing there holding a jar labeled "Trigger Data" and looking at it with a concerned and contemplative expression on your face trying to decifer its meaning? 
    Traumatic events such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, or emotional abuse in the past trigger intense emotions and reactions in the present.
    Certain words, phrases, or topics that are related to past traumas or negative experiences trigger strong emotional responses in you.
    When your personal beliefs, values, or opinions are challenged or contradicted they trigger defensive or aggressive reactions.
    Environmental factors such as noise, crowds, or certain smells trigger sensory overload and stress within you.
    Physical sensations such as hunger, fatigue, or pain trigger your mood swings and irritability.

    2. Trigger data may appear to be coming from external sources, but the response and emotion you trigger are coming from you.

    3. You, and only you, are giving everything all the meaning it has for you.

    4. All trigger data is in the past.

    5. It’s impossible to be triggered when you’re present.

    6. It is essential to grant yourself the invaluable gift of being fully present in the moment—a clean slate unburdened by the past or future.

    7. You have a blank canvas. I'm excited to see what you paint next.

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