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Is the world real or just a projection of the mind? (1 min 36 sec)


    1. If the world is real...

    The stars have forgotten their constellations.
    Stars don't "forget" their constellations; these are human constructs.
    The Mona Lisa's smile has finally reached her eyes.
    The Mona Lisa is a static painting; her expression cannot change.
    A compass needle is pointing to "How" instead of North.
    Compass needles point north due to Earth's magnetic field.
    An Echo speaks for itself.
    Echoes are reflections of sound, not independent entities.
    Gravity takes a coffee break.
    Gravity is a force of nature that doesn't take breaks.
    Rainbows have gone monochrome.
    Rainbows are always multicolored due to light refraction.
    The clock hands is waltzing backwards.
    Clock hands move in one direction by design.
    The mirror's reflection is doing its own thing.
    Mirrors reflect reality; they don't create independent scenes.
    The book is reading its reader.
    Books are inanimate objects that can't read.
    Silence has a voice.
    Silence, by definition, is the absence of sound.
    These eternal truths evoke a sense of wonder, challenge our perceptions, and invite us to look upon the physical world anew. They're not meant to be taken literally, but rather to inspire us to think differently. And perhaps it will prompt us to reflect on the nature of reality and our perceptions of it.
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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