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Is this God’s work? (3 min 27 sec)

Is this God’s work? (3 min 27 sec)

    1. Physiological Needs: These are the most basic needs necessary for survival, such as food, water, shelter, sleep, and other physiological requirements.

    2. Safety Needs: Once physiological needs are met, we seek safety and security. This includes physical safety, financial stability, a stable environment, employment, and access to healthcare.

    3. Love and Belongingness Needs: We have a need for social connection, love, and a sense of belonging. This includes forming relationships, experiencing intimacy, being part of a family or community, and feeling accepted by others.

    4. Esteem Needs: We have a desire for self-esteem, confidence, respect, recognition, and a sense of achievement.

    5. Self-Actualization: At the top of the hierarchy in Maslow's chart is the need for self-actualization, which is the realization of one's full potential and personal growth.

    6. Maslow's hierarchy of needs fatal flaws.

    The flaw of Separation: Maslow's hierarchy is based on the assumption of separate individual needs. Love teaches that this reinforces the illusion of separation, obscuring the underlying Truth of our interconnectedness as Spiritual Beings.
    The flaw of Ego Identification: Maslow's hierarchy focuses on fulfilling egoic desires and achieving personal goals. Love emphasizes the need to transcend ego identification and prioritize spiritual awakening over ego-driven pursuits.
    The flaw of Illusory Needs: Love challenges the notion of hierarchical needs as illusions that distract from the pursuit of true inner peace and oneness with God. It encourages a shift in focus from external needs to the recognition of our inherent wholeness.
    The flaw of Self-Actualization Limitation: Maslow's self-actualization is limited to personal growth and achievement. Love teaches that true fulfillment comes from aligning with our divine purpose and realizing our oneness with God, transcending the limited confines of self-actualization.
    The flaw of Hierarchy Reinforcing Ego: Love suggests that a hierarchical framework perpetuates the ego's belief in specialness, competition, and comparison, hindering the recognition of our shared spiritual equality.

    7. Love encourages us to question the validity of hierarchical needs and instead focus on the unifying principles of forgiveness, love, and recognizing the inherent worth and divinity within ourselves and others.

    Love offers us a spiritual pathway that aims to dismantle the ego's illusions and awaken to the Truth of Divine Love.

    Answer: Nope, this ain't God's work. It's too messy.

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