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Is [---] Woke? Let's Find Out. (2 min 8 sec)


    1. 19 celebrity questions!

    1. You've achieved so much success! How do you stay connected to your authentic self amidst all the external noise?
    2. Have you ever had a public experience where forgiveness played a major role? How did it impact you?
    3. Gratitude is a powerful theme in modern culture. What's a simple thing you appreciate in your daily life that grounds you?
    4. I talk a lot about illusions and misperceptions. Has there ever been a time when you had to completely shift your perspective on a situation? How did it change your experience?
    5. I am sure you are already aware of how powerful our thoughts are. Do you have any daily practices that help you keep your mind focused on love?
    6. A big part of waking up from the dream is about quieting the ego. What are some ways you create space for silence in your busy life?
    7.  Has there been someone in your life who played a role in awakening you to your true nature?
    8. How do spread love through your work?
    9. How do you practice forgiveness in your professional life, especially when faced with criticism?
    10.  How do you differentiate between the illusions of fame and the reality of your true self?
    11. How do you choose love over fear when making decisions that impact your career?
    13. How do you listen to your inner voice and trust your intuition when faced with difficult choices?
    14. How do you balance your ego with humility, especially in the face of success?
    15. How do you see yourself as part of a larger whole?
    16. What role does gratitude play in your life?
    17. How do you manage negative thoughts?
    18. How do you stay grounded in the present moment, especially when dealing with the pressures of fame
    19. How do you prioritize self-awareness in your daily life?
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    Thank you.
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