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It's time to judge the judges.

Observe what happens when I set aside my umbrella of judgment.
Until I set aside me judgment the cycle just repeats itself.
...judge not lest ye be judged - Matt.7

    1. I keep love away from me by judging persons, places, and things.

    The "dome of judgment" that I hold onto so tenaciously is what blocks love's awareness.
    The rain of love is pouring down but my judgments prevent it from reaching me.

    2. Judgments always block the gifts of my natural inheritance.

    What are these gifts?
    • Abundance
    • Health
    • Joy
    • Happiness
    • Connection
    • Joining
    • Love
    • Creativity
    • Inspiration

    3. A life free from the umbrella of judgment.

    There's no gossiping about other people.
    There's an understanding that what I judge in another is what I believe to be the truth about myself. 
    It means that I don't makeup stories about myself and other people.
    It means that my thoughts do not rest on false perceptions.
    It means that I'm still innocent and so is everyone else.
    It means when encountering something that I do not like, I simply turn the channel to something I do enjoy.
    When I become intimate with the feelings of things I do not like and contrast these feelings with things that I do like, it is clear that I am being nudged to think about things that I do like and let the other thoughts go. 
    There's an understanding that if I keep focusing on what I do not like it is clear that my ego is deriving some type of payoff from the experience or I'd change it.

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