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I've gone on stage performed a solo show , it went down well , so how do I move on

My show is called " The Samuel L Jackson Mother F**king School of Motivation (unofficial) it's about a 56 year old ex librarian using life lessons from SLJ and using the Word Mother F**ker as a 12 step programne

    1. Reframe it see it as part of the process not as a goal

    2. Practice and review the show notes how can I make it better

    3. What are other topics I can do a one man show

    4. Ask do I want to collaborate rather than focusing on solo efforts

    Note solo shows require lots of collaboration

    5. Find out other events and venues to perform at . If I can perform this show on 10 separate occasions

    6. Do I stick with the same comedy character or develop new ones

    7. Make the set longer it's currently 25 minutes I could double it to 50 minutes

    8. Take responsibility for the marketing

    9. Incorporate my existing shows with other comedy performers

    10. Go online look at streaming the show rather than just doing live in person shows

    11. Write a book to accompany the show

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