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Job Suggestions

Mum helped me with some new suggestions for jobs.

    1. Carer/Befriender

    Care for someone and be their friend. Getting paid to be someones friend doesn't feel right. Maybe if I added new metrics to the job I wouldn't feel so bad. Make sure they get to the point where they don't need me for X. (or something along those lines). Something feels really off with this job, guts telling me its not for me.

    2. Nursery

    I get to do teaching, without the teaching. Just fun and games with the kids. This could be fun. This could be a good job.

    3. Care Home (Kids/Teens)

    Like the befriended without anyone being fooled into thinking i'm a real friend/Only a friend because im getting paid. I can help with homework and any other problems they may have. This sounds like something id enjoy. This job feels like it would bring meaning to my worklife.

    4. TEFL Teacher

    Or go back out and teach English again. I'd need to leave friends/family again, but it's something I know I enjoy. Family suggest I try a new country.

    5. Sorry For Boring Lists

    I know I've been focusing a lot on work/myself lately. Once I sort this out masterful lists that will improve your lives will return. Thanks for your patience.

    6. NotePD Help?

    As you've seen I'd like to do something based around teaching/helping people grow. If you have any suggestions of other roles I could look into please let me know.



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