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jobs for bipolar people

    1. Writing

    Many people write blogs, books, etc. But a writer is someone who writes every day no matter what. For instance, Hemingway wrote every day even if he was just rewriting his previous work.

    2. Comedy

    A lot of comedians do open mics and try out new material every night.

    3. Chess

    You can play online all the time. Or go to the park and play some kids or adults there.

    4. Sales

    People always need to network, sell their services, etc. Always be working on your sales skills so that you can help others better their lives in some way.

    5. Therapy skills

    There are many therapy techniques out there but they all require you to practice them over and over again so you get good at them. Like NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), hypnosis, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy), etc. And then once you get good at one technique you can use them all the time in your life and with your friends and family members.

    6. Computer skills for whatever field interests you - whether it's crypto or AI or web design or something else entirely.

    Always be learning new things so that when opportunities come up for jobs in those fields you are ready for them!

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