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Collin Harness


Jobs I could do

It is always good to think outside of your current role about what you could do if you have to pivot.

    1. Software implementation

    Make sure new clients are set up

    2. Writer

    Write news articles. Blog articles. Copywriting ads.

    3. Project Manager

    Create a software project from nothing to launch.

    4. Content Creator

    I already write lists everyday. Post videos each day.

    5. Account Manager

    Answer questions. Respond to clients. Plan their goals. Reporting. Contract renewals. Etc.

    6. Assistant or virtual assistant

    Answer emails. Keep a schedule. Run errands. Plan travel. I could be a great assistant.

    7. Coach or teacher

    Teach lessons to people.

    In person or online.

    8. Investor

    Safely invest people's money to grow over time.

    9. Retail worker - manager

    Starbucks. Macy's. Walgreens. I could def be a great employee and then may make and keep an employee schedule as a manager.

    10. Scrum master

    Lead a software dev team.

    11. Software salesperson - demos

    I would be great at giving people a demo of software products and then answering their questions.

    Explaining what problems the software solves.

    12. Driver

    UPS. Amazon. Uber.

    13. Lawn mower

    I could get lawns in my neighborhood to mow in the summer.

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