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Jobs I've had

Back to work soon. Need an easy list. 

    1. Snackbar

    My job was to run and gather stock. Rolls, meat, butter ect. I'd talk to customers and let the chef know what they wanted.

    Easy enough job, but it wasn't for me. 

    2. Security

    Football matches. Festivals. Gigs and at bars. Hated this job. Never again. Standing about doing nothing for far too long and when you do eventually act your dealing with the worst people. I don't recommend anyone to do this. Depleted all your energy. 

    3. Teacher

    Loved this. Taught out in China for 4 years. Only job I've really loved. Watching the kids grow brings more meaning to the job and I could use my brain and be creative. Loved this. Highly recommended to anyone who is able to do it. 

    4. Customer assistance

    I stack shelves and serve customers. Boring. It's easy and I don't need to work too much to get by, but I want more excitement in a job. Great for the short term, but not something I'd want to build a carrer in. 

    5. Extra

    I've volunteered as well

    Scouts - loved it. That's what lead me to teaching. 

    Graphic designer - loved it, but it was tough. 

    Animator - loved it. 

    Befriender - helping struggling people. I like helping people, but this was draining. They didn't want to help themselves. They just wanted to moan about how bad their lives are. Didn't like this. 

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