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Jobs To Be Peformed By Robots

Not AI, but actual robots that are pre-programmed to run these tasks using human like appendages or other tools


    1. Musician

    There are drum machines and synthesizers, but imagine actual analog instruments being blown, strumming and pressing keys/strings. Compressed air and robot hands.

    2. Snow Shoveling

    There's robot vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers. Why not self driven snow blowers?

    3. Improved Car Wash

    Car washes are already highly automated and mechanized, but if you have a roof-top carrier or other unusual accessories modifying the shape of your car, you avoid them. This is a job that could be done if the machine could inspect every contour of the car and reach in with a hose.

    4. Massage

    There are massage chairs, but one of the differences of professional massage is that table where you can lie face down with your face in the hole to relax your neck. A lot of the human component is listening to feedback and warm hands, which I believe could be simulated.

    5. Waiter/Waitress/Restaurant Server

    I actually saw one at a Denny's though it was still accompanied by a human, just in case.

    6. Pharmacist

    How much of this is grabbing X milligrams/milliliters of this and Y of that, then mixing them?

    7. Bartenders

    See #6

    8. Exterminators

    Robot cats or drones to go out an hunt rats.... maybe other pests too?

    9. Bouncers

    This could be either highly dangerous as the robot could use undue force, or actually much safer because an inebriated belligerent bar patron can't hurt the robot or invoke any anger in the robot, making removals actually safer and more efficient.

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