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jobs to survive and thrive having crippling bipolar disorder

    1. Get up early.

    In the morning, your brain is firing on all cylinders. Take advantage of that. I get up at 5am every day. Nobody can reach me in the morning (unless it's an emergency). No emails to check, no social media, etc. It's a great time to write or create or think or exercise or meditate.

    2. Don't multi-task

    If you are doing two things at once, your brain is dividing itself in half and each side is focusing on one thing. This means you are wasting half of your brain power (or more) on something useless.

    3. Eat well and exercise

    Your body needs energy to survive and thrive so feed it well and move it around a bit so the blood can circulate and deliver nutrients throughout the body. If you don't do these two things then your body will use up its own energy stores which includes brain cells.

    4. Sleep

    You need sleep for two reasons: A) Your body needs time to rest after a long day of moving around and eating food so it can rebuild its tissues and repair itself. B) Your brain needs time to process everything that has happened during the day so it can file away memories and learn from them so they don't just disappear into nothingness (which happens if you don't sleep).

    5. Write down 3 things every day that went well in the past 24 hours

    This keeps you in touch with reality instead of constantly focusing on what is wrong in life (which we all do at some point). If you write down three good things then you will have something concrete to look back on when times are tough later on (which they always are for everyone). You might be surprised how hard this is! But remember, even if one thing was good, write it down! "My son called me." "I won $10 betting on baseball." "I ate a good meal". These are all good things!

    6. Creativity Exercise Every Day

    Write a short story in first person about someone going through their day but every action they take turns into something different than expected but still positive in some way. For instance, "I got off the subway train" could turn into "a flying unicorn appeared", etc. Or write a poem where every line starts with a different letter of the alphabet ("Jill juggled jalapenos while Jack jumped jacks..."), etc . Or draw a comic strip about...anything! Or write an essay about why people should vote for a particular politician using only quotes from Hitler's speeches ("While I am not saying that candidate X wants genocide...Hitler did say..."). Or make up stories about historical figures such as Lincoln or George Washington based solely on their birth dates (what were they doing exactly 3344 days before they died? What was going on in their lives?). There are many creativity exercises out there but find one that works for you and do it every day for 15-30 minutes until it becomes easy for you to do it without thinking about doing it because you will start to see connections between seemingly unrelated ideas which leads...

    7. Connections Between Ideas

    When I was younger I would read two books by two different authors who were writing about similar topics (let's say spirituality) but had very different views from each other (one was Buddhist, another Christian), I would get frustrated because I couldn't understand how both views could be right since they seem contradictory at first glance. But then I started making mental connections between ideas like this and suddenly everything made sense again because now my brain was able to see ALL THE CONNECTIONS between seemingly disparate ideas which led me down new paths of discovery that nobody else had gone down

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