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Collin Harness


Jobs You Could Start Now

There are lots of things you could start doing right now that could provide you with money.

    1. Publish an Amazon book

    I am working on this one.

    If you are reading this then you have access to the internet and could write a NotePD list that becomes a book.

    2. Get a retail job

    There are so many different retail jobs you could do. From food to clothing, pets, gas station, grocery etc. They are always looking to hire people.

    3. Put your skills on Upwork

    Are you creative? Can you write or be a virtual assistant. Look at Upwork and find jobs that you can do and put yourself out there for it.

    4. YouTube, TikTok

    If you have a smartphone you can start posting videos of yourself on these platforms and eventually make some money.

    5. Data entry

    You can start filling out surveys that pay money and then keep going.

    6. Watch, tutor, teach children

    Parents need help with kids and if you can find some parents around you they will pay you to help.

    7. Newsletter, Patreon

    Start giving your audience valuable information and then charge them for it.

    8. Dog walking

    Get to know your neighbors.

    9. Drive

    UPS. Uber.

    You do need a license and car for this one.

    10. Secretary, assistant

    People always need help.

    11. Cleaner

    Maid. Janitor. etc.

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