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John Adams- kind of lost the first presidential election

I want to learn all about the people who ran for president and had a chance but didn't end up being president.

We start today with the very first election of George Washington.

There wasn't really an election because everyone voted for Washington and yet they didn't. I need to read this with someone that knows colonial politics or politics in general.

69 electors casted a vote for George Washington

34 electors casted a vote for John Adams

9 electors casted a vote for John Jay.

What did John Adams go on to do after losing the election?

    1. He became Vice President

    Did he really lose? He became vice president and then became the 2nd president.

    2. He defended British Soldiers against murder charges from the Boston Massacre

    3. He was the only Federalist president when he was elected after GW

    4. Signed the Alien and Sedition Act

    This was a set of four acts:

    1.Naturalization Act: increases the requirements to seek citizenship

    2.Alien Friends Act: Allowed the president to imprison and deport non-citizens

    3.Alien Enemies Act: gave the president additional powers to detain non citizens during war times.

    4.Sedition act: Criminalized false and malicious statements about the federal government.

    2 and 4 expired. 1 was appealed. 4 is still in effect.

    5. He Built up the Army and Navy

    In a "Quasi" War.

    6. First President to live in the White House

    Find info from entertaining at the white house book

    7. He was basically the Joe Kennedy of the 1700s if Joe Kennedy had been president

    Him and his wife Abigail's children became politicians, diplomats and historians.

    8. John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams did not own slaves

    They were the only 2 of the first 12 presidents to not own slaves.

    9. His dad wanted him to become a minister

    He wrote his father a letter basically telling him lawyers are noble and great and the clergy is full of idiots.

    10. His pen name in 1763 was Humphrey Ploughjogger.

    lol. He wrote some essays about political theory in Boston Newspapers.

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