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Join the NotePD Addiction Challenge: Share 10 Creative Ideas to Make it a Must-Have!

Hello there! Are you ready to join the excitement? We want YOU to be a part of our NotePD Addiction Challenge. Share your innovative ideas on how to make NotePD irresistible and a must-have tool for everyone. Together, let's make NotePD the talk of the town!

    1. Idea #1

    My first idea is to create a "NotePD Academy". We can teach people how to use NotePD in their business, personal life, etc. I'd love to see a series of videos on YouTube by various experts on how to use NotePD for ____ (fill in the blank). For instance: How to use NotePD for real estate investing. Or starting a podcast. Or writing a book. Or dating. Etc. The possibilities are endless!

    2. Idea #2

    I'd like to see more collaboration tools on NotePD. For instance, I'd love it if we could have multiple people editing a document at the same time and be able to see each other's edits as they happen so we can collaborate better.

    3. Idea #3

    I'd like to see some sort of AI tool where we can type something into NotePD and it will automatically categorize our notes based on keywords we give it (for instance, if I'm using NotePD for my business and I want all my notes related to "podcasting" categorized under that heading).

    4. Idea #4

    I'd like an integration with Zapier so that when I add a new note in NotePD, it automatically gets posted on Twitter or Facebook or wherever else I want it posted.

    5. Idea #5

    I'd like there to be an option where we can have one master note (like this one) that everyone collaborates on and updates whenever they have an idea for the challenge. Then everyone who wants to participate can just copy the master note and start adding their ideas there.

    6. Idea #6

    The ability for someone who doesn't use NotePD but would like their ideas shared in this challenge (as well as potentially featured in an article summarizing all the best ideas) is there some way they can still share their ideas with us through another platform (like Twitter).

    7. Idea #7

    My Favorite

    A special category called "Idea Lab" where people submit ideas about new features they would love added into NotePD or ways we can improve existing features

    For instance, maybe someone wants an integration with Zapier so they can import data from MailChimp into their notes easily
    Or maybe someone wants an integration with Trello so they can move things around in Trello from within NotePD without ever having to go back and forth between the two apps again

    Whoever has the most votes wins $500
    And then all of those features get built by our developers!

    Also, perhaps there could be categories within this section such as "Best Use Case", etc so people know what criteria will win them money

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