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The news has been dead lately. What else could I joke about? 

    1. Sci fi

    Or any movie genera. If I write around these topics I'll have jokes that won't die out. 

    2. Trigger topics

    I love getting people triggered into anger when the joke itself says nothing bad. For example -

    My 'son' recently came out as transexual. So we did the only reasonable thing we could. We abandoned him. And started using her insted. 

    3. Work

    We all get fed up with workmates/bosses/customers ect. It should be easy to find stories that we can all relate to.

    Boss - Do you mind working overtime tonight. I wouldn't ask you to do anything I wouldn't do 

    Me-then you do it 

    4. Words

    I like to joke about words that sound similar to other words.

    Read on a Scottish accent 

    Is that a catamaran? Neither, its a boat 

    Is that a caravan? Neither, it's my mobile home. 

    5. Act dumb

    Take a topic everyone agrees with, but doesn't really know why. Play dumb and get them to explain why it's correct.

    I'm so proud of my American brothers and sisters for voting out their fascist dictator. Makes me wonder, why hasn't North Korea voted theirs out yet? 

    Have you heard of Literally Hitler? Don't confuse him with Adolf. Adolf was the guy with the funny tash and was responsible for the death of millions of people during WW2. Adolf was a terrible person, but Literally Hitler is much worse, he's offencive. 

    6. Holidays

    Mothers day is coming up. April fools. My birthday.

    I'd like to wish a happy mother's day to all the brave and beautiful men in woman's prisons. 

    7. Reframe

    Reframe an event to make it more humours.

    8. Picture book

    Make up your own story based on just the pictures. I use to do this and amuse others in the process. 

    9. Joke book

    Most jokes have been done before. Read punchlines and come up with your own set up. Or use set ups to come up with better punchlines.

    Why'd the chicken cross the road? To make sure he didn't forget where he buried the tressure. 

    10. Get angry

    I always find people who get angry over nothing funny. Set up a story where a mild irritation leads to a huge overreaction.

    I went to a steak house the other day and was Shocked! To find that they didn't have a vegetarian option. Well they claimed they did 'you can eat the chips' chips! Chips! I beat they are cooked in animal fat? Not vegetarian! Disgusting. It's 2023! Honestly it should be law that all restaurants serve a vegetarian option. Why didn't I go somewhere else? Why should I! It's questions like this that keep us from progressing as a country. Aagghh.... 

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