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Journey of Love: From Grievance to Grace (4 min 38 sec read)


    1. In the midst of a cold winter evening, a woman and her husband embarked on a subway journey to visit dear friends.

    The wife's disdain for subway rides was only exacerbated by the biting cold that forced them to endure over 20 minutes on the frosty platform.
    Finally, as the train arrived, their hopes for respite were dashed, for it was packed to the brim, devoid of any vacant seats.
    The wife, consumed by an unusual anger and self-pity, noticed her husband engrossed in his newspaper, oblivious to her inner turmoil.
    Casting her gaze around the carriage, she beheld what seemed to be a sea of desolation—shabby and grimy individuals occupied every corner.

    2. Across the aisle, a child clumsily smeared his mother's face with chocolate from his candy bar, leaving behind chocolate stains.

    A few seats away, another child retrieved discarded chewing gum from the floor and nonchalantly chewed on it.
    At the far end of the car, a group of elderly men engaged in a raucous argument.
    The wife closed her eyes, overwhelmed by revulsion, her stomach twisted in knots.

    3. But then, a wondrous event unfolded before her.

    A radiant light erupted within the depths of her consciousness, illuminating her entire being. With closed eyes, she perceived a figure—a reflection of herself—moving towards the light.
    The figure moved with purpose, pausing to kneel down, bowing her head, elbows, wrists, and forehead in a profound act of reverence reminiscent of ancient Eastern traditions.
    Rising from this prostration, she walked to the side and knelt once more, her head resting against an imaginary colossal knee.

    4. As she assumed this humble posture, the outline of an enormous arm encircled her, and she vanished into the ethereal realm.

    The light intensified, and an overwhelming surge of indescribable love flooded her essence.
    The intensity of this emotion seized her breath, and she gasped, finally opening her eyes.

    5. For a fleeting moment, the luminosity lingered, and within that ephemeral embrace, she felt an all-encompassing love for every soul present on that train.

    The radiance began to fade, gradually succumbing to the return of the old reality—the grime and squalor that previously clouded her perception.
    The stark contrast jolted her, and it took several minutes for her to regain her composure.

    6. Overwhelmed by the encounter, the woman reached out, clutching her husband's hand, and poured out her experience.

    "I witnessed a brilliant light, a cascade of love pouring forth from it. When I opened my eyes, I loved every person on this train with an intensity beyond words. And then, everything vanished—the feeling, the light—just like that."

    7. Her husband, attempting to assuage her bewildered state, spoke soothingly, "Don't dwell on it, my dear.

    "Such mystical experiences are not uncommon. Simply let it be, and allow the memory to fade gently."

    8. And so, a transformative encounter unfolded amidst the chaos of the subway.

    In that fleeting interlude, the woman glimpsed a Truth that transcended her grievances and projections.
    She beheld the capacity within herself to embrace profound love, to recognize the interconnectedness of all souls.
    And though the luminosity dissipated, leaving only echoes of its brilliance, she carried within her heart a newfound awareness— a reminder of the boundless love that lies dormant within each of us, waiting to be kindled.
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