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Junkie cars

My list today was crap, I know, sorry.  That's because my mind's been far too focused on my latest story, Junkie Cars.  This is what I have so far.  I'll flesh it out soon.

A businessman is in starbucks.  He's looking for the next £million idea, but can come up with nothing.  He's going to lose everything if he can't think of an Idea.  He looks outside and laughs at the junkies.  Then he witnesses them line up and started racing, whilst making car noises.  He bursts out laughing, and then it clicks.  This is his idea.  Junkie cars.

His boss love's the Idea.  He gets promoted and the heads of a bunch of companies seek out a junkie each to represent them.  They get drug tested, to make sure they're on them and then they race.  It's an instant hit.  People want more.  The junkie becomes famous he's winning all the matches.  As a result he wants to become better and so trys to get off the drugs.

As he's coming off he starts to realise he's just one big joke.  So are his friends.  But they aynt listening they still think they're formula one drivers.  The business Man can't afford to lose his star racer so starts to spike him to make sure he still passes the drug tests 

That's about all I've got so far.  But for an hour's work I'm pretty happy with that.

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