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Junkieman - Part 2 (Joe's Life)

Fleshing out the first draft of my next masterpiece.

Junkieman - Part 2 (Joe's Life)

    1. Catch Up

    My best friend, Gary's funeral was yesterday. After the burial i went to the forest where we use to drink with a few others that were at the funeral and found out about Gary's secret life as a superhero. A dragon attacked us, but Gary's old superhero teammate, the Rasta-Wizard Sha'man managed to turn it to dust without a sweat. And he's offered us training to become just as awesome. Sadly i need to wait a few weeks for the training, until then life goes on as normal i guess.

    2. Morning

    I woke up with some hangover, which is always bad, but even worse today as I had an interview set up for a promotion at work. I quickly put on my uniform and ran down to the restaurant, 'I'm late. Crap.' I finally made in to the restaurant, an hour late. "Sorry I'm late. It was my friends fu..." The owner just shook his head "Tut. Tutt. Tut. No excuses Joe. You're on cleaning duty today" Joe's mouth dropped "but, but, but..." The owner placed his hand on Joes shoulder "You're lucky you're not getting fired. Now get those gloves on and sort out the blocked toilet in the mens room". Joe headed towards the staff room slouched to get ready. The owner then stops him "Oh and one more thing. Since you missed your interview, say hello to the new store manager - Tommy."

    3. Tommy

    Tommy or as most people know him - Tom Tom, was the school bully. He shoved my head down the toilet, pulled my trousers down, pushed me over his mate's that were crouched down behind me, stole my money, slagged me during class to the point even the teachers where laughing at me. Despite all that i was determined to push though to prove him and everyone else wrong, i wasn't a loser I was a winner.

    And I honestly thought i did. I left High School with top marks, then went to university for 4 years to study computer programming leaving with an honours degree. I showed them, i showed them all. Unfortunately the following 2 years were met with rejection after rejection. Every company looking for programers wanted '2 years experience.' How've I meant to get experience if no-one will give me the opportunity to get it?

    4. Job Centre

    The Job Center, the guys who's job it is, to help you find work, were useless. They suggested applying for minimum wage jobs, and I'm like 'but I've got a degree" ad they're all "Yes, but i think you'd be really well suited to stacking shelves at the supermarket" Really? You want this mind to be wasted opening boxes and putting the content on a shelf? But even those companies didn't want me, they wanted the folk that left high school early as they could pay them even less than minimum wage due to their age.

    `they then sent me on a course to help me #Getintowork . Basically every week you'd show up and a new leader would look at your C.V, tell you it's crap and help you rewrite it. You make a 'perfect C.V' and the next week the next leader explains how pish it is and has you start over again. But don't get me wrong it wasn't all doom and gloom, if you done well they gave you a happy sticker to add to your book. The job centre then looked at your book, full of happy stickers and talked to you like the child hey all assumed you were. "Oh very good Joe. What pretty stickers. And you have an excellent C.v I'm sure you'll find work this week." Spoiler - I never did.

    One week the course had to take place on a different day, my sign in day. Despite getting permission from the job centre they sanctioned me for going and that was that. No more income from the government.

    5. Buns

    Now that I had no money coming in I didn't know what to do. Luckily (Is that the right word?) for me, my best friend Gary new someone and got me an interview for Buns, our local fast food shop. I got the job easily enough, but i work with idiots. Management is a shambles and my high school bully is my shift leader. But i've got a job, progress? I guess.

    The job is pretty simple Take orders, 'cook' (More like heat up pre-cooked, but that's a secret so promise me you won't tell anyone. Who am i kidding we all know, right?) and clean up, yet for some reason no-one else has a clue. Not only am i doing my job, most of my shift is spent taking others orders, 'cooking' food for them and cleaning up all the mess that is to 'disgusting' for the girls to clean. fun filled job.

    Gary's mate that got me the job was fired not long after i joined for doing drugs out in the back. Before i would have judged, but after only a week of working here i can understand perfectly why he does it. I need to find something to help me destress from all this before i snap.

    6. Laura

    Life's not all bad though, there is Laura. She's perfect, cute, kind and the one person i can have an inteligent conversation with. She's in most days and the few minutes we spend chatting are the highlights of my week.

    Back to now. I've just unclogged the toilet and I'm covered in, well I'm sure you can guess what I'm covered in. I walk out and see her eating her meal, i try and hide, but she clocks me "Hi Joe!" She says as she smiles and waves. I awkwardly wave back "Hi". Tommy Then comes over and kisses her. What the hell does he think he's doing? That's my crush! Laura then asks "Did you hear? Tommy's the new store manager!" I nod "Yeah. yeah. Good job Tommy. Well deserved and awe that". Tommy laughs "Haha! Yeah i can't deny it. I'm amazing". Laura then hugs and kisses him saying "I'm so proud of you babe". Tommy then returns to his new office. "Joe! Joe! I need help with my homework. Care to help?" As i walk closer she pulls back "Have a wash first. I'm in no rush"

    7. Shower

    As I shower (we'll to be more accurate use the water from the taps to slowly wash my body. You didn't think that a fast food joint had showers did you? Really?) I break down. My best friends dead, I've got a banging hangover, my degree is useless, I hate this job, Tom-Toms not only my new boss, but is shagging Laura and she still has the cheek to ask me for help? During my breakdown Tommy walks in "Are you crying? It's just a bit of poo you big jessy. Thought you'd be use to it after high school. Haha!" He then does his business and as he leaves he says "Hurry up. Those orders ayn't gonna take themselves. Chop chop boy-oh"

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