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Junkieman - Part 3 (Training)

    1. Recap

    My best friend Gary died the other day. At his funeral i men this mysterious Rasta-Wizard named Sha'man. We had a wake for Gary in the forest where we use to drink, whilst there a huge dragon attacked us, but before it was able to do any damage Sha'man backflipped onto the dragons head, hit it with his rod and the dragon disappeared. Sha'man explained that him and Gary did this for a living. They were superheros. Fighting monsters and saving the city. With Gary's passing he needed help and that job was passed onto us, his friends.

    Sha'man said that he'd train us in a months time. It's been a long wait. I missed out on a promotion and I'm now working under my high school bully (Who doesn't have a clue how to run things), I've been appointed the new Janitor (I can't remember the last time i flipped a burger) and to top it off Tom-Tom, my boss, is now dating my crush. Can life get any worse?

    Sure it can.

    2. Buns

    Today's the day. The day I get training to become a superhero. Just (checks time) 8 hours, 55 minutes to go. aaaggghhhh..... has it really only been 5 minutes? Tommy walked out the toilet "Here Joe. Another blockage, gonna deal with it? haha!" keep in mind he's the only one that's used them today, it was him. I'm starting to think it's always him. 9 hours, once i gain my powers no one will mess with me again. "Ohy! Chop Chop Boy-oh. They aynt gonna unclog themselves."

    After unclogging the toilets I head back into the restaurant to see an absolute tip food everywhere, everyone laughing. Tommy then snaps his fingers "We just had a bloody awesome food fight. We need to do that again. clean it up will you Joe-boy. Chop chop". Let's just say the rest of the day was no easier. Clean this, clean that. I managed to endure it all and finally it was time, work had finished and it was time to train. I got myself ready and just as I was heading out there's Tommy and Laura. "Be a pal will you Joe? Clean up the place and lock up. We've got a date" and kisses Laura, before flinging me the keys to the building and walking off.

    You know what screw this. I'm gonna be a superhero. I walked by the keys and headed straight towards the forrest.

    3. Presentation

    Everyone was already there when I arrived. I sat down and Sha'man began his talk. "As ya saw last time. Monsters exist. Normal eye's cant see them, but sometimes we can feel the cold air of them swooping past, hear their screams or see the destruction they leave behind. These pills will help you see, but more than that they will unlock your hidden potential. I'm giving you all one free sample, eat it, explore the woods and kill the monsters with whatever potential is unlocked inside you" he then handed us all a small pill. we all swallowed it at the same time and before long we were exploring the woods.

    4. My First Fight

    It didn't take long before I encountered my firt monster. It was a tree monster. It was stationary, but all its arms were swinging erratically. When the monster noticed me purple flames engulfed it, the arms raised and slammed down beside me. I had to quickly dodge all it's blows . But how would i attack? i still wasn't sure what my potential was. I ran towards the tree, dodging blows and then smack! punching it. I bairy made a dent. I punched more, still nothing.

    With each punch i remembered just how pathetic my life was, no best friend, useless degree, job I hate, no girl... And as i focused on the anger my body unlocked some of its potential. My right arm started to glow. It felt weird, as strong as a tank, but as light as a feather. I punched the tree with all my might, destroying it and turning it to dust.

    I did it. I destroyed a monster. I was a superhero. As i danced about I noticed Sha'man in the background "Good job man" I smiled back with glee. We then returned to base and recalled our fights to the rest of the team. One of the guys unlocked super speed, another could fly and the last could shoot energy beams from his hands. I had a powerful right hand. It wouldn't be my first choice, but its better than nothing.

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