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After the success of Popeman and Choirboy, here's my next masterpiece.

This is another story that's been playing about in my head for years. It's about time i fleshed it out.

    1. The End

    The scene starts in a church (Maybe John Pauls church as a fun cameo). Everyone is dressed in black, crying. A coffin sits at the front and the priest performs a eulogy. All this takes place in silence, as it always does, which you'd know if you've ever attended a funeral for a loved one. Joe was experiencing that very silence. Inside that box was his best friend. They had grown up together, they were as good as brothers.

    Before he knew it the service was over he shook the hands of the family and made his way to the grave site. Whilst there Joe met what can only be described as a Rasta Wizard. Dreads down to the floor, a beard just as long and a menacing, but fun spark in his eyes. Again the conversation was in silence, but it somehow lead to Joe sitting on a fallen tree, in the middle of the woods, along with a few other friends from the funeral (All still suited up) The wizard then handed everyone a tablet.

    2. The Dragon

    Up in the sky a Purple Japanese style dragon flew. Screeching before swooping down and heading straight for us. We all ran as fast as we could to safety, all apart from The Wizard. He stood still not fazed my the irate dragon heading straight for him. He then raised his head, pulled out a wooden staff from under his coat and backflipped onto the dragons head saying a prayer and placing his staff onto the dragons head. The dragon then faded into dust before completely disappearing. The Wizard then gracefully returned to the ground.

    3. The Begining

    The screeching must have broken the silence of that day, because i remember what the wizard said next "As you've just seen, monsters are real. Me and our old friend fought them and returned their spirts to the spirit world. He too is in the spirt word. I can't fight them alone. Will you help me?"

    Will we, a bunch of losers sign up to be Superhero's? Duh. Of course we all signed up.

    Thats when the Wizard bowed and introduced himself "In that case. Call me Sha'man"

    4. Next

    The following are rough ideas of what happens next that I'll need to flesh out.

    5. Joes Life

    Joes excited about becoming a superhero, but it will be a month before he sees Sha'man again. As a result we get to see what his current life is like.

    Despite having a masters degree he works in a fast food restaurant, under the management of his high school bully. The boss is also dating Joe's crush. His roommate was the boy who died, so he now needs to work even more just to pay rent. With this extra work he no longer has time to see friends. I want to show that he's a loser, his life sucks and he's close to breaking point.

    6. Training

    Sha'man explains that it's the pill that allows them to see the monsters. Other pills, 'cigarets' and drinks allows the user to gain different powers. The team all choose diffrent powers. Sha'man detects a strong spiritial energy in Joe and advises him to take a Spirit pill, allowing him to shoot energy beams.

    The men then go to the forrest for training, take their drug of choice and chase the smaller spirits hidden there.

    A huge t-rex like spirit soon appears. The rest of the men run, but Joe stands firm. He then screams "aaagghhh.....!" and lets out a huge energy plast directed at the spirit. The spirit soon falls and Sha'man dances over to it, places his staff on its head and makes it disappear.

    Every night after work Joe would go for training. Affecting his concentration at work, eventully leading to him getting fired.

    7. Homeless

    With no job Joe soon lost his apartment as well. He managed to get himself a text and sleeping bag, so it wasn't all bad. With no work he was ow able to be a hero full time... if he could afford the pills. So Joe did all he could to scrounge the cash. After a tough week he finally had the money. He met up with Sha'man and bought a large Jar of pills.

    Joe would spend his day fighting spirits and then begging for cash so he could grab a well deserved meal.

    8. Love

    One day when fighting monsters Joe noticed a young lady hiding. Noone should be able to see the monsters without pills, so what was she hiding from? After saving her they talk and it turns out she could naturally see spirits. This leads to some more talk and eventully they head back to the tent for a romantic night.

    Joes life was finally looking up. He was a superhero in love with the perfect woman.

    9. The Explosion

    What is now known among the homeless as the Christmas Eve massacre happened. Next to all the homeless where killed. Most people blamed the muslims,, which were now also gone, but a few homeless that saw it swear it was the Pope and a young Choirboy.

    Joe survived, because he was at training, but the rest of the team wasn't so lucky. They too had lost there jobs and became homeless and were sadly killed that night. All that was left was Joe, Sha'man and Joes love. Could she be a new hero?

    10. Hospital

    Whilst fighting a monster Joe was hit hard. He blanked out and woke up in the hospital. It turns out he was in a coma, his body was frail The Dr.s warned him to stay off the pills otherwise he would die. But what about the city? If he didn't fight the evil monsters, who would?

    I'll draft the rest of the story later. Hope you enjoyed it up till this point.

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