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Keys To A Good Foot Massage

I've always gotten good feedback for my foot massages...

    1. Skin To Win

    Sorry, but the socks should come off for better feedback and sensitivity

    2. Stretch the toes

    You can give them a little pull. You can also spread them out by gently inserting fingers between them, then rotating the toes.

    3. Never Tickle

    Once tickling is engaged, it's hard to get the person to relax again, and they probably won't trust you anyway.

    4. How to avoid tickling

    While you don't want to be rough, your touch should have a certain amount of firm commitment

    5. Keep lines of communication open

    Ask for updates, "is this good?" or even if there are sore/tender spots.

    6. Look for "hot spots"

    Any knots or lumps you can feel can get special attention as you knead the sole of the foot. Sometimes sore spots will actually feel slightly warmer to the touch and you can direct more attention there.

    7. Kneading Technique

    Push and pull - have opposing directions as you use your thumbs and fingers. The fibres under the skin may have adhesions so the idea of 'spreading out' the tissue will feel really good.

    8. Extra surfaces

    It may be worthwhile to continue backwards from the heel and address the Achilles tendon, but you have to be gentle here. A litte rub on the top of the foot around the metatarsals will be good too.

    9. Conserve energy

    You will probably have to massage both feet, so if you tire out your hands on the first foot, you'll give a sub-par performance on the second. Unless you're getting paid, you're doing someone a favour, and you're well within your rights to say that your hands are getting tired and you need a break.

    10. Wash your hands afterwards

    11. Optional Bonus: Cream

    A nice peppermint lotion can be an added touch, but potentially mesy.

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