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Kids games

I loved playing games in the classroom. Here are a few of my favourites.

    1. Bang!

    Kids stand in a circle. I stand in the middle.

    Younger - I shoot a kids head, they duck. I shoot their legs, they jump.

    Older - when they duck the two kids either side of them turn round and shoot each other. Slowest dies.

    If you get shot (forget to duck/jump) you die and are out of the game.

    2. Bulldogs

    I stand in the middle of the room. Kids all line up at the wall. I pick one kid to get past me. If they succeed everyone runs. If they fail they join me. At any point I can shout bulldog! And everyone runs.

    Really fun game, but some people don't like it due to safety concerns.

    3. Sticky

    Place three sticks horizontally with a foot gap between them. -




    Kids stand in a line and walk through the sticks. One step at a time.

    The last kid to do it takes a large last step and the stick moves to that position.




    Kids then continue the process,starting at the other side. Before long kids will be jumping. If you fail to get to the other side in three steps your out.

    4. Port /starboard

    Name the walls port, starboard, bow and stern. When you say any of those names kids need to run to that wall. Last ones out. You can add actions to make it harder.

    5. Circles

    State a number. Kids need to make a group circle with other kids to match the number.

    6. Tig /tag

    One kid chases the rest. Taps them and they're then het and have to tag someone else.

    7. What's the time Mr wolf

    Basically red light /green light from squid games, but your assigned how many steps you take.

    What's the time Mr wolf?

    5 o'clock

    Kids take 5 steps, before the wolf turns round. Wolf can say dinner time and chase the other kids. Whoever is caught becomes the wolf.

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