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Kids stories

Simple lessons for kids.

    1. Making friends

    Kid moves to a new school, is shy and stays away from others. But at judo class they help out the younger kids.

    After school they fall and hurt themselves and someone comes over to help them. 'you helped out my brother, with judo, s you're really good. Could you teach me some moves? '. They become friends.

    Lesson - being good pays off. Others are proud of you be proud of yourself.

    2. Bully

    Kid does something silly /embarrassing. Other kid continues to use this as a source for laughs.

    Kid believes everyone is laughing at them /noone likes them. Bully believes everyone loves them as they're a comedian.

    Kid then sets up a plan to embarrass the bully. Bully learns his lesson and stops picking on others.

    Kid attacks bully, showing them that they have crossed the line.

    Kid learns to laugh at the embarrassing moment as well. We all experience them and can't let one moment define our lives. (this sounds like the best ending)

    3. Loss

    Loss feels bad, borrowing then returning feels good.

    Kid borrows a game from a friend. Then returns it.

    Kid buys a new game then loses it. They're sad.

    Grandad says - you weren't hurt when you borrowed a game, why are you sad now? We don't own anything, we're just borrowing. Take care, appreciate it whilst you have it and be greatful when it's time to return it.

    Kid then looks at what he has as a borrowed item. Knowing he won't have them forever makes him appreciate the time he does have with them more.

    4. Mind reading

    Kid fails a test. Is sad and imagines everyone thinks they're stupid.

    They cry once they imagine even strangers think they're stupid.

    Grandad then talks to him and says - you can read minds. Wow. What an I thinking?.... You can't read minds? Then how do you know everyone things you're stupid? For all you know they could be thinking you're smart, amazing and strong. I know that's what I think about you. I imagine everyone loves me and thinks I'm amazing. If you're going to pretend to be a mind read you may as well feel great.

    Kid then imagined others think good things about them and grows in confidence. As a result in confidence they answer more questions and show how smart they are.

    5. Progress

    Kid fails his grading and is sad. He views himself as a failure and soon starts failing in other aspects of life.

    Grandad gets him to reflect on the growth he made rather than the end result. You learned new moves, you fought for longer, you won a battle. Keep this up and you'll be the best in the world someday. A medal isn't the real reward, progress is. Always focus on progress, cause of you win without it, you're still a loser

    Kid then reflects on progress and aims to make a little progress each day. This makes them happier and they continue to improve.

    6. Protect your feet

    To a disciple who was forever complaining about others, the Master said, ‘If it is peace you want, seek to change yourself, not other people. It is easier to protect your feet with slippers than to carpet the whole of the earth - Anthony De Mello

    Kid is upset about others opinions and it makes him angry. His rage makes the other kids laugh.

    Kid has an outburst in class and gets suspended.

    Grandad talks to kid stating that he's at fault, not everyone else. It's easier to change himself than expecting everyone else to change. His opinion doesn't need to change but actions do.

    Actions change, kids no longer provoke him and they get on better.

    7. Exclusion (still working on)

    You're not 'always excluded'. Everyone misses out on somethings, sometimes.

    Kid is out on a walk with parents. He comes across all his friends playing together then runs away sad. Why wasn't he invited? He then notices his friends all together at school, without him, they all go to a birthday party without him.

    He's sad that he's 'always excluded'. Gets angry and shouts at his friends. One then talks to him afterwards and lets him know that 1. everyone is excluded at times 2. they just happened to meet at the park whilst all where out walking, nothing was planned 3. they're all in the same class so left together 4. It was Lucy's party, you don't know her.

    He now feels stupid for jumping to conclusions. They all hang out and are happy again.

    8. Don't slouch

    Kid is tired after School and slouches home. They slouch around the house and they slouch when doing homework. This all adds up to them feeling sad and tired.

    Grandad says - you know why you're always tired and sad? I'm 70 and do you ever see me sad and tired? do you know why? it's because I don't slouch. I stand strong and powerful. I walk like I'm king. Do you want to be sad and tired or strong and powerful? Kid then starts to stand up straight and walk like a king.

    He becomes more confident and happier as a result.

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