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Kinds of Luck

Inspired by this Tweet.

    1. Blind Luck

    Completely out of your control:

    • Where you are born

    • Who you are born to

    • Base circumstances of your life •

    "Acts of God"

    These are the truly random occurrences of the universe.

    2. Luck From Motion

    You’re creating motion and collisions through hustle and energy that you are inserting into an ecosystem. You increase your luck surface area through simple movement. The increase in collisions opens you up to more lucky events.

    3. Luck From Awareness

    Depth of understanding within a given arena allows you to become very good at positioning yourself for lucky breaks. Naval says: "You become very good at spotting luck." You can “spot luck” from a mile away because of your knowledge and experience.

    4. Luck From Uniqueness

    Your unique set of attributes attracts specific luck to you. “[This type] favors those with distinctive, if not eccentric hobbies, personal lifestyles, and motor behaviors.” - Dr. James Austin Type 4 Luck actually seeks you out.

    5. Beginner's Luck

    I read "The Alchemist" by Paolo Coelho. He described Beginner's Luck as the way the Universe helps those on a new endeavour. It could be closely related to #2.

    6. Luck of the Irish

    It's a little far-fetched that one nationality can have more luck than others, but on the other hand, the idea of luck vs. random happenstance is also somewhat far-fetched. I remember reading the Iron Druid Chronicles and liking the idea of the link between Druidic magic and traditions and their links to Ireland. Maybe there's something there with a proximity to nature.

    7. Dad Luck

    This video shows an extreme example of what I'm talking about, but I think almost every dad has had an incident like this one.

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