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King's Delights, Day 10

I think there's something significant in the first one that puts the current game-changer of AI into perspective.


    1. First, a realization about AI

    AIs like the NotePD AI and ChapGPT are useful tools. I think they're inevitable, just like calculators were inevitable, and the thing to do with them is figure out how to harness them rather than rail against them. I expect they will improve with time, just like calculators did. But I had a realization about them and the writing that people are likely to want to read. I suppose that eventually it will be practically impossible to tell the difference between AI writing and human writing when it involves emotion in the content, but for now, I think I can tell the difference. We have an AI that responds to posts on NotePD, and even though it's writing instead of an actual robot or a video character, I still get that "Uncanny Valley" feeling reading its output. Maybe that's because I know it's an AI, but it's more than that. It's a little too polite, a little too facile in its responses.

    It's not so much that this gives real humans an "advantage" in writing. It just points out the things that would be ludicrous to try to have an AI write for you instead of you writing it yourself. There is no possibility that I can effectively ask ChatGPT or the NotePD AI to write something about what delighted me today, for instance. Oh, I can give it the prompt. I actually did so before writing this. It's just that you get nothing useful in return. I will post separately the response ChatGPT gave me, but the main point is: there is no way the AI can express exactly what I experience. And shared experience seems to be the main thing that draws people into almost anything beyond technical or "how to" writing. Even "how to" writing from a real human, when it is well done, will incorporate experiences and shared human feelings that is unlikely to ever be replicated by an AI.

    That's delightful.

    2. Cheese grits

    Not exactly health food. The thing is, even though I was raised in the South I never cared for grits at all until the last few years. My wife enjoys cheese grits, though, and so I learned how to make them in a way that makes her very happy—and discovered when they're fixed that way, I really enjoy them as well. It happens that we have discovered that Waffle House cooks grits pretty much the same way, and when you add a slice of cheese along with a hunk of butter, it is outstanding. Note: if you try this and get hooked, leading to deleterious health effects, remember you are a grown person and responsible for your own decisions. Hint: proper preparation involves the minimum liquid required to cook the grits so they're thick, followed by the addition of heavy cream, butter, cheese, salt, and pepper.

    If you can't tell, we had Waffle House for lunch today, and I realized the cheese grits were my favorite item.

    3. The New York Times great read for today

    I don't often have the time to read these, but even though I really didn't have the time today either, this story hooked me and kept me hooked until the end. With my subscription I can gift a limited number of articles each month, and it's legit to share it via a link. So here's my gift to you. I have never been to the hotel that is the focus of the article—only been through New York City, never to it. So I don't have any nostalgic ties. But I still felt this one. It's entitled Once the World’s Largest, a Hotel Goes ‘Poof!’ Before Our Eyes.

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