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Leadership is 90% Peacemaking

I had this thought yesterday as I was exhausted and the house was full of intergenerational conflict.

    1. "Man of the House"

    I'm far from a traditional authority figure in my house, and if there's really a single 'boss' it's my wife. Yet I feel like I'm at my best as a father when I'm negotiating compromises and resolving conflicts between other family members.

    2. Kings of Yore

    From the tale of Solomon to other medieval rulers, there are many stories of people presenting grievances before kings and having them resolve issues between their subjects. It's the prototypical image of the benevolent ruler.

    3. An organization that doesn't work in harmony can't be efficient or effective

    Reducing conflict and friction is key to achieving goals as a team.

    4. No organization can be without conflict

    5. Conflict Between Different Personalities

    Without anybody being difficult, there are simply different temperaments, working styles and preferences that can conflict.

    6. Conflict Between Priorities

    Keeping costs low to reduce expenses, keeping prices to customers low to increase sales, protecting the workers from exploitation, and overcommitting resources - these can be at odds with each other.

    7. Communication and Challenging Each Other

    I worked at an organization that prided itself on the idea that employees should challenge the approaches took by one another - it led to me feeling like we weren't on the same team. Still, if no-one asks questions and the organization is filled with "yes-men" mistakes will be made and the quality can be affected.

    8. Warm Fuzzy Feelings

    When conflicts can be resolved without strife, the environment will overall be pleasant and people will like being there, whether it's a home, school or office. A leader with empathy is a good leader.

    9. Compromise

    I feel like the word gets a bad rap, because it sounds like surrendering a principle, but I think most conflicts are best solved when all parties sacrifice something but gain more out of a solution.

    10. Respect

    This is the cornerstone of open communication which leads to good compromises and conflict resolutions.

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