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Leave a Mark

This is an interesting topic for me. I don't have children and therefore no future grandchildren. I am an only one too so no extended family. The unconventional part of me would happily disappear without leaving a trace and I've started Swedish death decluttering. But ... another part of me contemplates how I could leave a mark. What difference could I make? What impact do I have on people? Something I read recently prompted me to think about legacy, what that might look like, and slightly related, how well I have lived. Could I create an unconventional legacy - make a mark but not in the usual way?

    1. Plant trees

    I've always loved trees. I have planted trees in a park in Manchester. I used to go and visit them. A tree leaves a mark but, without fanfare. I like that.

    2. Pay it forward

    I like cafés that do suspended coffees. Whenever I've visited one, I've donated a suspended coffee.

    3. Guerilla gifting

    I've done this a few times. Left things in public places with a note.

    4. Anonymous donations

    Help someone in need with something specific that would solve a problem for them.

    5. Sometimes you don’t know

    A random conversation or interaction can have an impact that we may never know about.

    6. Random acts of kindness

    These are often very simple. And while not anonymous are often directed at strangers.

    7. Just be you

    Perhaps I’m not trying to leave a mark but being true to ourselves leaves a bigger impression than if we made a conscious effort to do that.

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