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Legaltech startup ideas (30 Sept)

    1. Software to replace Judges for small matters

    In a matter where there is no dispute of fact, only dispute of law, a combination of AI, written law, and legal precedents help the AI to decide the case on the basis of reasoning of law and legal precedents.

    2. A directory of laws and implemented research algorithm for quick search

    Create a directory by constantly updating the new case laws, rules, regulations, guidelines, circulars, etc (If twitter threads, linkedin posts, and blogs can be included that would be great ). Then implement an AI research that on a few keywords show the most relevant result.

    small model for the start: crypto law and decisions directory, later can be scaled to several other laws as well.

    3. Automated basic contract drafts after fulfilling several queries

    simple contracts such as a sale agreement of property, I.P, or business may be drafted with the help of software by filling in some queries such as whether the sale would be permanent or whether there will be some condition, etc.

    4. Dashboard, website, application or software that notifies on the new release of official law or any text.

    For e.g: it can keep track of different government websites like MeitY, Transport, etc. or even international websites such as BVI, UAE, and notify as soon as a new law or public consultation is published.

    5. Uber for lawyers,

    Create a directory for lawyers, ask about their, specialization, rates for specific work, contact number/mail, publish their achievements (also need to verify it). This way customers can directly connect to the lawyer of their choice and get information such as price range, the reputation of the lawyer, etc.

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