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Bill Bergeman


Lesser known books, everyone should read

    1. Ca$hvertising.

    By Drew Eric Whitman. Outstanding and entertaining read if you're interested in copyrighting or in online sales of any capacity.

    My main takeaway from the book: Anyone can learn how to sell with their words if they learn what persuades people to take action.

    2. Zen on the Trail.

    By Christopher Ives. A thoughtful look at hiking trails, their purpose, what we experience on trails, and more. As an avid trail runner, this one made me think more deeply about what I think about when I'm out on a run.

    My main takeaway from the book: Our entire life is a pilgrimage, no matter where we are or where we're going.

    3. Awareness.

    By Anthony de Mello. The author is a Jesuit priest, and while there are overtones of religion throughout I didn't consider it a religious text

    My main takeaway from the book: Change and awareness don't happen when you know something - they change when you feel something.

    4. Hell Yeah or No.

    By Derek Sivers. You don't even need to read the book (though you should), as the title says it all.

    My main takeaway from the book: If it's not a "Hell Yeah," it's a "No."

    5. The Millionaire Next Door.

    By Thomas Stanley and William Danko. I'm not sure this is a lesser-known book, but I don't personally know anyone who's read it so I'll include it here. The authors did an exhaustive study of I forget how many people who had a net worth of a million dollars or more, and their findings were surprising. Most were everyday people living modestly with modest jobs.

    My main takeaway from the book: A frugal life can be a path to wealth.

    6. Company of One.

    By Paul Jarvis. Most people who are working as solopreneurs have probably heard of Paul. This is another book where the title basically says it all.

    My main takeaway from the book: Determine what enough is for you.

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