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Lesser Known Films I Loved

I love hidden gems. Hopefully you find yourself loving a few of these as well.

    1. Boy

    This was really enjoyable. A film that focused on character growth. Taika Waititi films are great. I also highly recomend JO Jo Rabbit one of my favourite films of all time.

    2. Jeff, Who Lives at home

    A story about the day of a loser. Another character development piece. It's by no means my favourite, but i did find it enjoyable.

    3. Look who's back

    A story about Hitler coming back to the modern world and the art of persuasion.

    4. Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

    From what i can remember this film took place in only one location, a pub. Strange, but very enjoyable.

    5. Be Kind Rewind

    A movie about a dying video store and what they did to remain open. It's silly, but still really enjoyable.

    6. Garden State

    Another character development film. A film that focuses on depression (For some reason i find films about overcoming it fascinating)

    7. Election

    A film about a school election. Again the main focus is the characters.

    8. Dirty Work

    Love Norm Macdonald anything with him in it is worth watching. A film about 2 brothers who set up a revenge buisness.

    9. Idiocracy

    What if only the stupid people had kids? What would the future look like then?

    10. Freddy Got Fingered

    If i was to describe this film you'd say that sounds like the worst film ever. Maybe it is, but theres something really enjoyable despite that. I loved it, but i can see how others would hate it.

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