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Let me reintroduce myself

    1. My name is Collin

    2. I grew up and live in Texas

    Looking back I had a great childhood. We lived in Texas and took road trips every summer. 

    3. I travel a lot…

    Coming up I'm going to NYC then Rome then New Zealand. I'm going to try and do 4 countries: Italy, Vatican City, San Marino and Malta. 

    4. I’m married

    I just celebrated my 1 year wedding anniversary. 

    5. I think of myself as an investor first

    I went back to college to get a finance degree. This year I have been focused on building up my monthly dividend income. 

    6. Then project manager

    I have been in the technology industry about 15 years now. And I wear a few different hats at my current job.

    Im in charge of:

    - Software Implemenations

    - Customer Success 

    - Marketing 

    - Support 

    Honestly, it can be a little exhausting, but the job gives me a lot of flexibility. Ok they did not give it to me as much as I told them this is what I am going to do. lol 

    7. Music is life

    I have been to more concerts than I can count. Next up is Marie Osmond, Madonna, Adele, Keane.

    Every time I go to a show I learn something new and have a wonderful time. 

    8. My website:

    I'm always working on adding more articles to the site. 

    9. Working on a Podcast

    2024 is the year. 

    10. Still want to write a book

    I just read the Britney Spears memoir. Fascinating. I need to write my own memoir. 

    11. Constantly working on upgrading my house

    Just added rocks to my side flower bed. Hopefully going to add a few planters do it also. 
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