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Let's Plant Some Seeds Today

These seeds are intended to inspire positive change in your life.
These seeds will pique your interest.
These seeds will prompt you to think outside the box.
These seeds will expose you to new ideas and perspectives,
Time to plant.

    1. Meaningless thoughts can only show a meaningless world.

    What is producing this world is insane and so is what it produces.
    The Real world can only be seen through the eyes of love.

    2. Upset only happens in a meaningless world.

    Insane thoughts upset. They aren't "figureoutable."
    Insane thoughts produce disorder and chaos.
    You can only see what you value.
    You suffer when you choose to see an insane world devoid of value.

    3. A meaningless world engenders fear.

    Nothing in madness is dependable.
    There's no hope and no safety in the world.
    Withdraw from the world and place your trust in God.

    4. God did not create a meaningless world.

    If God did not create a meaningless world how can it exist?
    God is the Source of all meaning and everything that is Real is in his Mind.

    5. My thoughts are images I have made.

    What  I see in the world is a reflection of my thoughts. The inner and outer are always a perfect match.
    If I see a world filled with suffering, loss, and death I am only seeing a representation of my insane thoughts.
    Today I ask for my insane thoughts to be replaced by my Real thoughts of Love and Light.
    My will is God's will and I will place no other gods before Him.
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